Janice Rodriguez Barnes received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami in 1999, where she completed a dual major in Communication and Psychology.  She went on to pursue her graduate studies at the University of Miami School of Law, from which she graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree, in 2002.  During her years at UM Law, she was a Reid Scholar, a member of the Moot Court Board, a member of the Society of Bar and Gavel, and Managing Editor of the International and Comparative Law Review.

She commenced her family law career with the law firm of Marks and West, P.A., and became passionate about empowering her clients at difficult a crossroads in their lives.  Throughout her law career, she has been privileged to assist clients in navigating through the challenges associated with divorces, paternity actions, pre/post-judgment matters, parenting plans, custody determinations, child support issues, and other civil matters.  These experiences allowed her to witness firsthand how emotionally and financially devastating a contentious divorce or separation could be.  While sometimes unavoidable, seeing the adverse impact of prolonged litigation made her determined to focus her practice on helping parties  reshape their family’s future, while keeping their dignity, emotional well-being, and finances as intact as possible.   To that end, she pursued additional training and became certified by the Florida Supreme  Court as a Family Mediator.

At Barnes Mediation & Law, her mission as a Mediator is to empower both represented and unrepresented parties to find the solutions and compromises that are best for their particular situation.  She comes to the mediation table with patience, creativity, and an open mind.  As an attorney, she strives to make legal services and advice accessible to clients who might otherwise forego representation, by offering a limited selection of unbundled legal services.

Ms. Barnes is the proud mother of three children who inspire and make her laugh on a daily basis.  She and her husband have experienced the  unique challenges and rewards of raising a child on the autism spectrum, and strive to use their experiences to bring hope to others in similar circumstances.  Ms. Barnes also enjoys reading, baking, traveling, and writing in her spare time.